Solid-state lithium metal batteries based on ceramic and polymer composite electrolytes

Anna Llordés

CIC Energigune

Anna Llordés is a staff scientist and Ikerbasque researcher at CIC Energigune, where she leads the Ceramic Electrolyte research line. Anna obtained her PhD in Chemistry in 2010, at the Barcelona Institute of Materials Science (ICMAB) working on superconducting nanocomposite films. Then, she did her Postdoc at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (US), in Delia Milliron’s group (The Molecular Foundry), focusing on electrochromic films for energy-saving window applications. In 2013, her work received the R&D 100 Award, and resulted in the creation of a start-up company (Heliotrope Tech.). In December 2014 she joined CIC Energigune, a research center focused on Energy Storage. Her work focuses on the development of solid electrolyte materials with tailored ion transport and interfacial properties. By controlling structure and composition at multiple length scales, she aims to tackle fundamental limitations in current solid electrolytes for successful application in solid-state Li battery technology.


Solid-state Li metal batteries hold the promise to greatly boost conventional Li-ion battery technologies; being capable of storing more energy as well as being safe from combustion. However, replacing the ubiquitous liquid... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Anna Llordés (CIC Energigune)
  2. Frédéric Aguesse (CIC Energigune)
  3. Jakub Zagorski (CIC Energigune)
  4. Antonio Gutiérrez-pardo (CIC Energigune)
  5. William Manalastas (CIC Energigune)
  6. Juan Miguel Lopez Del Amo (CIC Energigune)
  7. John A. Kilner (Imperial College London, Department of Materials)

Topic Areas

Energy Storage , Processing , Interface phenomena , Electrochemical behavior , Conduction of electrons and ions


IL-4A » Symposium A - Electroceramics for Energy Applications (13:30 - Tuesday, 10th July, Aula Louis Verhaegen)

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