Fabrication of Bismuth-based Zinc Oxide Varistors Having the High Varistor Voltage by Adding Silicon Oxides and the Improvement of Resistance of Electrical Degradation by Adding Boron Oxide

Takuya Maegawa

Doshisha University

Takuya Maegawa is a master student in electrical and electronic engineering at the Doshisha University. 


Zinc oxide (ZnO) varistors have excellent nonlinear V-J characteristics and are used as one element for protecting electronic equipment and electric power systems from abnormally high voltage such as surge voltage. The... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Takuya Maegawa (Doshisha University)
  2. Yosuke Kataoka (Doshisha University)
  3. Yumeng Zheng (Doshisha University)
  4. Yuuki Sato (Doshisha University)
  5. Shinzo Yoshikado (Doshisha University)

Topic Areas

Tunable devices, thermistors, varistors , Advanced characterisation , Size effects


PS-3C » Poster Session 3 - Symposium C (17:00 - Wednesday, 11th July, Foyer)

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