Layered functionally graded alumina ceramic composite with anisotropic properties


Multi-layered ceramic composites with alteration of grain sizes in layers have been produced by adding thin inter-layers of graphenated alumina nanofibers (GAIN) between layers of pure alumina. The composite was mounted layer... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ali Saffarshamshirgar (Tallinn University of Technology)
  2. Maria Drozdova (Tallinn University of Technology)
  3. Roman Ivanov (Tallinn University of Technology)
  4. Miguel A. Rodríguez (Instituto de Cerámica y Vidrio (CSIC), Madrid, Spain)
  5. Irina Hussainova (Tallinn University of Technology)

Topic Areas

Processing , Conduction of electrons and ions , Other , Other


PS-1B » Poster Session 1 - Symposium B (17:30 - Monday, 9th July, Foyer)

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