Nanoionics: Modifying electronic and ionic conductivity through interfacial engineering


Interfacial engineering opens up a new route to tailor the functional properties of electroceramics. Often referred to as nanoionics, the transport properties can be altered by the interplay of strain, space-charge, and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. George Harrington (Kyushu University/MIT)
  2. Nicola Perry (University of Illinois)
  3. Dmitri Kalaev (MIT)
  4. Lixin Sun (MIT)
  5. Kazunari Sasaki (Kyushu University)
  6. Bilge Yildiz (MIT)
  7. Harry Tuller (MIT)

Topic Areas

Energy Generation (SOFC, PCFC, PV, ...) , Defects , Interface phenomena , Conduction of electrons and ions


OS-6A » Symposium A - Electroceramics for Energy Applications (10:30 - Wednesday, 11th July, Aula Louis Verhaegen)

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