Study on Fabrication of GaN thin films by RF Magnetron Sputtering Using Highly Purified Powders

Toru Nakajima

Doshisha University

Nice to meet everyone.I am a 2nd graduate student at Doshisha University in Japan.We are trying to fabricate Gallium Nitride thin film by sputtering method. Originality is that high-purity Gallium Nitride powder is used for sputtering.


There are many researches and methods to deposit a thin film of GaN. However, it is difficult to deposit GaN thin films, because high temperature and high vacuum are required. GaN thin film is fabricated usually by MOCVD or... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Toru Nakajima (Doshisha University)
  2. Hiroshi Kuroda (Doshisha University)
  3. Yuuki Sato (Doshisha University)
  4. Tadashi Ohachi (Doshisha University)
  5. Shinzo Yoshikado (Doshisha University)
  6. Kikuro Takemoto (Doshisha University)
  7. Hiroyuki Uno (Yamanaka Hutech Corporation)
  8. Naoto Kimura (Yamanaka Hutech Corporation)
  9. Masanori Takasaki (Yamanaka Hutech Corporation)

Topic Areas

Synthesis , Processing , Conduction of electrons and ions , Other


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