Effects of B2O3 addition on electrical characteristics of Bi-based ZnO varistor

Yumeng Zheng

Doshisha University

Yumeng Zheng is a master student in electrical and electronic engineering at the Doshisha University. She has a BS(2013) in Material Physics from Northwestern Polytechnical University and MS(2018) in same major from Xidian University. From 2013 to 2015 she worked at Samsung Semiconductor (Xi''an) Co., Ltd. as a quality engineer. Her research area is additive effects on the electrical characteristics of varistors.


ZnO-based varistors are widely used in different circuits and power systems as surge absorbers because of the typical high nonlinear voltage–current (V-I) characteristics. Double Schottky barriers formed between ZnO grains... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Yumeng Zheng (Doshisha University)
  2. Nozomu Tsubuta (Doshisha University)
  3. Takuya Maegawa (Doshisha University)
  4. Yuuki Sato (Doshisha University)
  5. Shinzo Yoshikado (Doshisha University)

Topic Areas

Tunable devices, thermistors, varistors , Advanced characterisation , Interface phenomena


PS-2B » Poster Session 2 - Symposium B (17:00 - Tuesday, 10th July, Foyer)

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