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Clare Scott

Aspiration:Living & Learning

Clare Scott has worked as a teacher and specialist teacher in all stages of the educational system in Great Britain, from Primary, through Secondary, Further Education and Higher Education to Adult Education. She has managed and developed the support to disabled students in three separate institutions of higher education for the past 17 years. She has also worked as an educational diagnostic assessor, as a social worker, a sexual health provider for the NHS and led a team of careers employees working with ‘at risk’ unemployed young people. She has expertise in language and communication skills.Clare is now a specialist educational consultant, working with individuals (1:1) and families affected by neurodiversity and is a director of Aspiration: Living and Learning, a Community Interest Company in West Wales that specialises in advising on high-functioning ASC (Aspergers Syndrome), developing suitable programmes and providing services to those with ASC.Clare’s first degree was in German and Italian, her PGCE was for teaching English at Primary level. She has the OCR SpLD. She has an MA in Creative Writing and is currently writing a PhD in Psychogeography.


As manager of Learning Support at a multi-campus university, I became aware that we had a relatively high percentage of students who present with difficulties that are of an autistic nature. Upon entry, some of them had... [ view full abstract ]

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Investigation has shown a paucity of external agencies to provide support in the area and the level of need could not be ignored. No individuals are named nor are they identified in any other way in the report. [ view full abstract ]


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