Gender and identity at the end of Life: Considerations for trans people in palliative care

Katherine Whitehead

University of Toronto

Dr. Whitehead is an Attending Physician in the Palliative Care Unit at Toronto Grace Hospital.  She is a Lecturer at the University of Toronto and facilitates workshops in End of Life Care, Empowering Patients, and HIV care at the university's  Centre for Inter-professional Education.  She is a frequent presenter at community workshops and medical conferences on topics of Consent and End of Life Care for the LGBTQ community.


The end of life can be a time of diverse and changing clinical and psychosocial needs. Transgender people with life limiting illness and their loved ones can face unique challenges when navigating death. In this workshop... [ view full abstract ]


To become familiar with common clinical changes at the end of life (feeding, self-care, mental status, pain etc.) and appreciate how they may present unique challenges to transgender clients. To improve advanced care planning... [ view full abstract ]


Real clinical cases will be presented from hospital, hospice, and home settings. Participants are encouraged to share their own cases and experiences. Cases will be used for interactive discussion and information sharing. [ view full abstract ]


  1. Katherine Whitehead (University of Toronto)

Topic Area

Topics: Working in specific settings (imprisoned persons, autistic spectrum disorder, olde


MW-1D » Trans People in Palliative Care (14:00 - Friday, 7th April, Mediterranean)

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