Transgender Health Care in Europe: Kyrgyzstan

Irina Karagapolova

Russian Scientific Sexological Society

Graduated Kyrgyz State Medical Academy as psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Worked in the Kyrgyz Republic Mental health Center as the chief of the acute psychosis department. From 2006 worked in LGBT NGO "Labrys" (Kyrgyzstan) as the community psychotherapist and then as the chief of the Department of potential improvement and education. From 2008 created and provided educational programs and trainings for professionals on SOGISC issues in the different countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. From 2009 was the consultant of Kyrgyz Republic Ministry of Healthcare on development of Standards of care for the health of transgender people. From 2015 provide the course on Gender identity diversity at Russian Scientific Sexological Society Deparment of Interdisciplinary sexology.Independant researcher, author of the variety of scientific and educational works. In 2016 got the Harry Benjamin Distinguished Advocacy Award.


There was the process of creating and developing of the partnership with healthcare system (practical professionals and policy makers including specialists from Ministry of Healthcare) in Kyrgyzstan till the year 2010 to... [ view full abstract ]


Developing of the medical-social care system for transgender people in Kyrgyzstan and overcoming of new challenges. [ view full abstract ]


A decision is made to create national Standards of the medical-social care for transgender people in Kyrgyzstan. Promoting of the partnership with policy makers from the Healthcare system, creating of the working group from... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

Recognition of the Standards of care on the Healthcare Ministry experts committee level will be the result of the activity. The implementation of the system which allows transgender people to change the gender marker in their... [ view full abstract ]


The transadvocacy process is started now. The round table with the participation of WPATH representative, international experts and observers, representatives of the Healthcare ministry, departments of the Medical academy and... [ view full abstract ]


We found that there are more challenges then it was obvious before. Some obstacles appears at the current moment due to the changes in local context. Necessity to adopt international standards without national experience meets... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Irina Karagapolova (Russian Scientific Sexological Society)
  2. Sanjar Kurmanov (Labrys, community LGBT organization)

Topic Area

Topics: Legal gender recognition & human rights


PLS-3 » Plenary Session III: Transgender Health Care in Europe (09:00 - Friday, 7th April, Pacific)

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