Sixty years of Dutch transgender history: useful experience for Eastern Europe?


The Netherlands have a long history in transgender health care. The first transgender surgery took place in the 1950-ies. It led to a negative response from the Dutch government, that blocked further transgender health care.... [ view full abstract ]


In this workshop, first I will reconstruct how the history of Dutch transgender care took shape, who were the defining actors and which the defining factors to make it happen. What difficulties had to be overcome in time and... [ view full abstract ]


The historical research I conduct is based on archival material from related organisations, and on oral history with transgender persons and health care professionals, politicians, lawyers, journalists. I also analyze the... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

There are five distinctive conclusions as to why and how transgender health care developed in the Netherlands.  1. The pioneering professionals of the late sixties kept it outside the reach of those psychiatrists who were... [ view full abstract ]


The workshop will be an interactive and inspiring session on analyzing which aspects of Dutch transgender history can be seen as 'good practices' that are transferable to other countries in the present situation, in contrast... [ view full abstract ]


The conclusion will come forth from the discussion as mentioned above. How can we use the lessons from recent history to support those countries that are in the initial phase of developing transgender rights and health care,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Alex Bakker (freelance historian)

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MW-1G » Dutch Transgender History: Learning Lessons from almost 60 Years of Experience (14:00 - Friday, 7th April, Aegean)