Transgender Health Care in Europe: France


In France all the SRS procedures are free of any charges, thanks to the state-funded national health insurance. A new law (nov 18, 2016) allows transgender people to change their identity without any medical prerequisite. [ view full abstract ]


There are 4 complete and fully experienced medical teams which supports transgender health care in France from the late 1970s. All these teams work in university public hospitals : Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille. Today they... [ view full abstract ]


With four universities, the SoFECT organizes a multidisciplinary university diploma for formation for transgender healthcare. This diploma is a very powerful and effective tool to get gradually more and more medical teams... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Marc Revol (Saint Louis Hospital, Paris)

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PLS-3 » Plenary Session III: Transgender Health Care in Europe (09:00 - Friday, 7th April, Pacific)

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