Tackling visibility: towards developing a protocol for voice and communication therapy for trans men from of a pilot study undertaken between Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic, London and the Laurels Clinic of Gender and Sexual Medicine, Exeter, UK


A number of studies have documented the effects of masculinising hormones on voice in FtM transsexuals (trans men) (Adler, Constansis, & van Borsel, 2012; Damrose, 2009; Zimman, 2010). Despite evidence that taking androgens... [ view full abstract ]


An initial pilot workshop aimed to explore whether a protocol of voice education, vocal training and practice would impact on the clients' own perception and overall rating of the ‘maleness’ of their voice and their... [ view full abstract ]

Main Outcome Measures

Speaking and Reading Fundamental Frequencies (SFF and RFF) were gathered at the beginning of the pilot group, and at the beginning and end of the second group. Participants completed a ‘Self-Perception of Voice and... [ view full abstract ]


Participant perception was rated by a ‘Self-Perception of Voice & Communication’ questionnaire. The initial questionnaire consisting of 6 questions on the use, function and perception of voice, was refined for the second... [ view full abstract ]


All participants reported a positive shift in the self-rating of their voice at the end of the workshop. Following the pilot workshop, 67% of participants reported that their ability to adapt the quality of their voice was... [ view full abstract ]


Exploration of voice and communication skills addressing vocal fatigue, voice-body connection, resonance, and pitch and loudness dynamics, contributed to trans men’s perception of their voice as being more male. This... [ view full abstract ]


Matthew Mills (Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic), Gillie Stoneham (University of St Mark & St John)

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Oral & Poster Topics: Voice and communication


OS-1E » Voice & Communication I (14:00 - Thursday, 6th April, Adriatic)

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